About Us


Sleeping Beauty Traders have been operating since 2007, merchandising fun furnishings, gifts, home decorations, clothing as well as furniture.

Our Name

The main shop is located at the foot of a beautiful peak in the Langeberg mountain range that resembles a sleeping lady with long hair lying on her back. From the right angle one can even see the lady’s eyelashes! It comes as no surprise, then that this peak is called the Sleeping Beauty, whence the name of our business.

Our Aim

During the early days our aim was to create a unique experience for customers and clients that is different from the mainstream as well as chain shops. Therefore we went to great lengths to source extraordinary lines of goods by visiting different exotic locations to source one of a kind goods. With the passing of time we gradually adapted our aim towards representing the latest trends.

Our Outlets

We have three retail shops in the Western Cape Garden Route. The main shop is on the N2 Route a couple of kilometres east of Riversdale, complemented by a branch in Stilbaai as well as in Mossel Bay. With the floor space of close on 1200 square metre of the main shop, coupled with those of the two branches, there is a vast number of items to pick and choose from in these stores.

Our Approach

We have a holistic approach to the kind of experience we want to create for our visitors, each, of course having their own taste.

Our Sources

We have been most privileged to be have been able to experience different cultures through our travels around the world. These travels included Eastern countries such as China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and India, and also Northern African countries like Morocco.

Through these experiences we have learned that many fashions and trends are in fact born in the East. We have also realised that people are arty and crafty with the natural products to their disposal.


What has started as a journey for two wide-eyed youngsters, has matured into a successful and sustainable establishment. Our aim is to always offer a unique and joyful experience to our visitors.

Our Invitation

Visit this novelty, which is Sleeping Beauty Traders.


Piet Geldenhuys

Janneke Geldenhuys

Van Wyk Geldenhuys

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